Syrian students in Cuba condemn terrorist atrocities occurred in Lattakia and Damascus

Havana, SANA- Syrian students in Cuba strongly condemned the terrorist bombing that rocked Lattakia city and the other which targeted Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Damascus with rocket shells on Wednesday.
10 civilians were killed and more than 25 were injured in the terrorist car bomb attack which took place at the outskirts of Lattakia city.
A number of rockets fell in al-Sinaa area, two of them smashed into the building of the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, killing two students and injuring 15.
In a statement, National Union for Syrian Students in Cuba said that these criminal acts are part of terrorism the West is attempting to hurl our country in, and they also reflect the failure of the terrorist groups and their supporters in light of the advance the Syrian Army is achieving.
The statement pointed out that this terrorist act stresses all over again the brutal reality of terrorist organizations that seek to undermine Syria and its regional role.
R. Milhem/ Barry

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