Iran’s nuclear deal, its reflections on crisis in Syria discussed in a seminar in IAC, USِA

New York, SANA The International Action Center in the US (IAC) headed by the US former Justice Minister Ramsey Clark held an electronic seminar dubbed Syria following the Iranian Nuclear Deal, with participation of the Syrian-American Forum “SAF” and in the presence of a number of heads of Human rights, combating racism organizations and peace activists.

Spokesperson of SAF Ghaiyath Moussa reviewed the main items of the nuclear deal and its reflections on the crisis in Syria and on combating terrorism.

Moussa unveiled media lies and misleading campaign managed by the Zionist propaganda to show Iran and Syria as a danger against the global peace, stressing the necessity of joint work to move the US congress to adopt a new policy in dealing with Syria.

Healing the determination and will of the Syrian people which he has touched during his visits to Damascus, Clark said that the US attempts to change the ruling system in Syria are illegitimate and would not be achieved.

Secretary of National Board of National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms Sara Flounders said that the US-Turkish attempt to establish what is called buffer zone in Syria is doomed to failure.

Meanwhile, participants in the seminar called for unifying efforts and to stay ready to face the threats against Syria.

The asserted the necessity of protecting and supporting Syria in the face of terrorism and to put pressures on the American administration to stop supporting terrorism.

H. Zain/ Barry

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