Solidarity stand in Damascus to support Yemeni people

Damascus, SANA- A solidarity stand was organized on Monday by the National Youth Party for Justice and Development to show support for the Yemeni people and denounce the Saudi regime’s interference in Yemen’s internal affairs, with the participation of a number of parties in Syria.

Secretary General of the National Youth Party for Justice and Development Perwin Ibrahim pointed out that this stand comes to express support for Yemeni people and rejection of the Saudi aggression against Yemen, denouncing the Saudi regime’s intervention in the internal affairs of states and their right to self-determination.

She affirmed the necessity of political dialogue to solve any issue whether in Syria or Yemen, pointing out that peoples in the two countries share the same destiny.

For his part, Tarek al-Ahmad, member of the politburo of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, said that participation in this stand outside the Saudi Embassy in Damascus is a show of support for Yemen people who are suffering due to Saudi aggression against their country.

The participants expressed appreciation for Yemen’s people who have been standing side by side with Syrians since the start of crisis in Syria, emphasizing their confidence in the inevitable victory of the Yemeni people who defeated invaders throughout history.

Saudi airplanes have been launching military airstrikes against several areas in Yemen in an operation dubbed ‘Decisive Storm’ since March 26, killing and wounding hundreds of Yemenis.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal Ismael

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