Inter-Syrian talks between the Syrian Arab Republic delegation and opposition figures to start Wednesday

Moscow, SANA – The second round of inter-Syrian talks will start on Wednesday between the Syrian Arab Republic’s delegation and a delegation of the Syrian opposition figures.

Earlier, figures of the opposition ended their consultative talks and agreed on a work-paper ahead of their meeting with the Syrian official delegation, due to be held on Wednesday, a number of the opposition figures told SANA on Tuesday.

Abbas Habib, general coordinator of the Council of Syrian Tribes’ leadership, told SANA that the figures agreed on a unified work-paper regarding the proposed schedule after hard, yet fruitful discussions, adding that the paper includes six main points, “the inevitability of the political solution based on Geneva communiqué, seeking an immediate halt to violent acts, solving all humanitarian catastrophes, fighting and defeating terrorism, fulfilling change and going into a civil and democratic state as well as releasing detainees.”

4He said the opposition sides had consensus on refusing any settlement, based on ethnic or sectarian bases, adding that the overall results were good despite the fact that some of the attendants had reservations on some expressions and concepts.

The work-paper will be submitted to the Syrian government’s official delegation on Wednesday, he affirmed.


For his part, Fatih Jamous said the two-day meetings were better and more coordinated than those of Moscow first round of talks.

Aref Dalila, said that “not all of the Syrian opposition is taking part in these meetings,” adding “no one can accept the current situation, and we should avoid more losses.”

On the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ( ISIS) and Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations, Dalila said “all sides that don’t wish good for Syria know that.”


“There is no military victory… solution should be political,” Dalila added.

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