Patriarch Laham denounces massacres perpetrated by takfiri terrorist organizations

Beirut, SANA- Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch and All East Gregory III Laham denounced the massacres perpetrated by the takfiri terrorist organizations in the region in general and in Syria and Iraq in particular.

In a message issued on Tuesday on occasion of Easter, Patriarch Laham said “In front of the scenes of death, violence, terrorism, and killings that we have been witnessing, we have to renew our belief in life and work to ensure that life triumphs over death, and that reconciliation triumphs over grudge.”

The Patriarch went on to say “from the first month of the crisis we called for reconciliation, and today we once again call all the Syrians and all the spectra of opposition to embrace reconciliation.”

He called for keeping the concept of religious conflict away from the region, asserting that ISIS is far removed from religion and is merely a pawn that used religion as a disguise, noting that there are specific local and global sides that benefit from the crisis in Syria and the global war on it which claimed many innocent lives.

He hailed the meetings held in Russia and other countries that aim at bringing points of view closer together to reach a peaceful solution for the crisis in Syria.

Reem / Hazem Sabbagh

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