Syrian students participate in Cultural Day of Middle Eastern Countries at Latin American School of Medicine in Havana

Havana, SANA- Syrian students at Cuban universities participated in the activities of the Cultural Day for Middle Eastern countries at the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana.

A number of students made interventions in which they expressed their condemnation of the genocide committed by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

They stressed that the Palestinian cause is the central issue for Syria and that Syria’s victory over terrorism is a victory for all peoples in the world, and above all for the Palestinian people.

The students renewed their stance behind the Syrian army and people in the face of the terrorist war and the economic pressures represented by the unjust Western sanctions on Syria.

The students presented a theatrical performance and a group of songs that reflected Syrian civilization and heritage, affirming their adherence to their history and culture and their defense of just causes.


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