Cabinet: Evacuation of French colonizer is a phase of national glory and pride

Damascus, SANA – The Cabinet said in a statement today that the 78th anniversary of the evacuation of the French colonizers and their defeat from the homeland is a phase of national glory and pride created by the grandfathers and fathers with their blessed blood and sacrifices.

“The history of the homelands is written by their peoples’ struggle.” the statemnet highlighted.

The people of Syria continue today to give their utmost to preserve independence and independent national decision-making and to defeat terrorism and its supporters from the colonial powers that have invaded peoples, occupied countries and plundered their wealth, with those powers today continue their aggression in multiple ways, disregarding international laws and agreements, the statement added.

The statement also assreted that the Syrian people, through their sacrifices and confrontation of terrorism and its supporters, are preserving the legacy of their ancestors to preserve the sovereignty of the homeland and its independent decision.

Concluding its statement, the Cabinet paid tribute to the souls of the martyrs of independence who wrote an honorable history of which generations can be proud.

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