Dandi: Israeli occupation seeks to liquidate Palestinian issue through massacres in Gaza Strip

New York, SANA- Acting Charge d’Affaires of the Permanent delegation of Syria to the United Nations, Al-Hakam Dandi, said that the escalation of barbaric Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially in Gaza Strip, comes as part of an ongoing series of aggression against the Palestinian people to displace them of their land and change the demographic character there.

“The Israeli occupation, for six weeks, has bombed Gaza by air, land and sea, slaughtering more than 13 thousand civilians, half of whom are children and women, leaving more than 30,000 wounded, while the number of missing people reached more than 6,000 under the rubble, among them are more than 4,000 children and women,” Dandi said in a statement at the General Assembly during an informal listening meeting to briefings on the humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip.

The Syrian diplomat added that the Israeli occupation seeks to liquidate Palestinian issue through massacres in Gaza Strip.

Dandi said that the Syrian Arab Republic, while condemns in the strongest terms the continuing barbaric aggression of the Israeli occupation authorities against the Palestinian People, it also denounces the cover-up by some Western countries for what they committed of indiscriminate bombing and killing of civilians and its brazen refusal to comply with the resolutions of the Security Council and General Assembly that were recently adopted. 

The Syrian diplomat added that his country stands by the brotherly Palestinian people in their struggle to liberate the occupied land and establish their independent, sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital, stressing the need to immediately stop the Israeli aggression and provide support and urgent humanitarian relief for the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip and brining Israeli officials to international justice.

Mazen Eyon



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