Social affairs minister laments apathy over grave violations against Syrian refugee children

Damascus, (SANA) International organizations are turning a blind eye to grave violations against the children of Syrian families dwelling in refugee camps outside Syria, Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shammat said.

Al-Shammat was speaking during a workshop co-organized with UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, on the occasion of the World Day against Child Labor.

The minister stressed that efforts must be ratcheted up for ensuring that Syrian children in refugee camps are protected especially that, she says, “the humanitarian file should remain far from politicization.”

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The participants in the workshop demanded that UNICEF keeps a close watch on the displaced families living in refugee camps abroad and monitor violations against them that have taken on numerous forms.

Focus was put on the role that media should play in raising awareness about child labor and its regulating laws.

Syrian children in refugee camps outside Syria have been susceptible to dire violations, including child labor, as estimates indicate that thousands of them are being forced to work.

The World Day against Child Labor, which is held every year on June 12, is intended to foster the worldwide movement against child labor in any of its forms.

M. Ismael

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