Sit-in outside ICRC office in Damascus in solidarity with detainees from occupied Golan

Damascus, SANA – A sit in was organized in front of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) office in Damascus on Wednesday to express solidarity with detainees from the occupied Syrian Golan being held in Israeli prisons, specifically Sedqi al-Maqet and Atef Darwish.

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Hundreds of people from Quneitra, relatives of detainees, and members of the committee for supporting Syrian detainees in Israeli prisons participated in the sit-in, with the head of the committee delivering a letter to deputy head of the ICRC mission Beatrice Oxley a letter calling on the ICRC and other international organizations to pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to release al-Maqet and all Syrian detainees immediately.

For her part, Oxley promised to relay the message and follow up on the issue of detainees.

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Participants in the sit-in said that international organizations must work to rectify the injustices visited upon the people of the occupied Syrian Golan by the Israeli occupation, asserting that the Golan will return to the homeland sooner or later, and that the practices of the Israeli occupation will not affect the patriotism of the people of Golan.

Israeli occupation forces had detained al-Maqet, who had been detained for 27 years in Israeli prisons and released in 2012, on February 25th 2015 without any legal or moral justification, and on March 2nd the occupation forces detained Atef Darwish and Fida’a Majed al-Shaer.

Hazem Sabbagh

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