Three aid planes from Venezuela and UAE to help quake-affected people in Syria  

Damascus, SANA- Three aid planes arrived at Damascus International Airport on Wednesday evening, two from the United Arab Emirates and the third from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, loaded with tens of tons of relief aid for those affected by the earthquake.

The two Emirati planes contain more than 20 tons of relief aid, which includes tents, food and medical supplies, while the Venezuelan plane carried a team of experts and specialists comprising 25 aid workers with all their tools, equipment, and modern devices, in addition to 15 tons of food and medical aid.

“We are here to help the Syrian people in facing the effects of the earthquake, and to tell them that we are with them in facing all the circumstances they have been exposed to and despite all the sanctions imposed on our two countries,” Venezuelan Ambassador in Damascus, Jose Gregorio Biomorgi Muzattiz said in a statement to SANA.

The Venezuelan Ambassador reiterated that his country will continue to provide all possible support for Syria and will not follow any external dictations in this regard.

For his part, Moeen Nasr, a member of the People’s Assembly and head of the Syrian-Venezuelan Parliamentary Friendship Committee, highly appreciated Venezuela’s humanitarian contribution and its standing by Syria in all crises.

Venezulan Plane 

The Emirati Planes

 Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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