Lebanese People’s Congress: The continuation of the US siege on Syria is a war crime

Beirut, SANA- The Lebanese People’s Congress has affirmed that the continuation of the US blockade on Syria in light of the catastrophe of the earthquake that jolted the country is not only a war crime, but rather crime of the highest degree of brutality, not only against the Syrian people, but also against the human conscience and all humanity.

In a statement, the Lebanese People’s Congress expressed condolences and solidarity with the Syrian people after this disaster.

The statement called on the countries of the world and all Arab and international humanitarian organizations to break this brutal siege, and to provide all kinds of relief assistance to those affected.

The Congress also called on the Security Council and the United Nations to adopt a firm stance that would lift the unjust Western measures against Syria, and open the way for providing all kinds of aid and relief to the Syrian people.

The statement stressed that the national and humanitarian duty entails that all Arab countries ignore the American blockade, set up relief air bridges for the Syrian people and provide all kinds of material, food and medical assistance.

Bushra Dabin/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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