Hammam al-Nahhasin… An archeological masterpiece in Aleppo Old City

DAMASCUS, SANA- Hammam al-Nahhasin, one of the oldest and largest bathhouses in Aleppo Old City. It is an archaeological #masterpiece that has preserved its aesthetic value over the years.

The visitors of Hammam al-Nahhasin go through small alleys to reach the bathhouse as it is located behind the Great Umayyad Mosque where these alleys intersect with the roads leading to al- Shibani Church and the Farafra neighborhood.

Once you reach Hammam al-Nahhasin, you see a wooden door that invites you to go down a few steps to receive you in a spacious hall under antique stone domes adorned with copper chandeliers whose light shines on the place.

The central section of the bathhouse is designated for a massage after the body wash. The external section is the largest part of the Hammam, characterized with its traditional wooden decorations and marble floor. Here, bathers can take a period of relaxation around the pond.

Manar Salameh / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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