Syrians abroad lash out at Turkey over recent aggression against homeland

Capitals, SANA -Syrian Arab Expatriates Association in Poland condemned the flagrant Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories, stressing its full solidarity with the homeland and its support to all solidarity statements issued by the Syrian communities abroad.

In an act of violation and aggression against the Syrian sovereignty, the Turkish authorities transgressed into the Syrian territory early on Sunday and relocated the tomb of Suleyman Shah from the northeastern Raqqa province where it existed without Syria’s consent.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Association made a particular reference to a statement released by the Expatriates Gathering for Syria that called for annulling the Treaty of Ankara signed between the Turks and the French occupation authorities in 1921 since “none have the right to act freely when it comes to the Syrian sovereignty.”

The statement called for taking feasible measures to enforce the provisions of the treaty that demarcated the border between Syria and Turkey, which the latter rejected and according to which the cities in the now Turkish-usurped Liwa Iskenderun are part of the Syrian territory.

The Syrians abroad reject to have even an inch of the Syrian land relinquished, the statement said.

In the same context, Syrian students in Slovakia denounced the Turkish flagrant aggression on the Syrian territories, renewing support to their homeland.

In a statement, the students hailed the great sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army in facing terrorism and those who are supporting it and for maintaining Syria’s unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

They indicated that the Turkish aggression proves that Turkey and the Zionist entity are two sides of the same coin.

The students criticized the international community’s silence towards the Zionist-ISIS-backed-Turkish aggression which constitutes a flagrant violation of all international laws and

They called upon the UN to shoulder its responsibilities and adopt appropriate measures to curb the Turkish-Zionist-ISIS aggression against Syria.

Earlier, Erdoagn’s Takfiri Brotherhood regime, supported by the terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS),carried out an aggression inside the Syrian territories in which they moved the remains of the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman sultanate Suleiman Shah.

The National Union for the Syrian students, Cuba Branch, and the Syrian community in Cuba also vehemently condemned the blatant Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories, stressing their standing by their homeland against any aggression.

They called upon the United Nations and the international community to overtly condemn the atrocity, urging them also to punish the Turkish government and the states backing terrorism.

H. Zain/ R. Milhem/ Ghossoun/Haifa Said

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