Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine-Latest Updates

  • Medvedev: Biden and Schultz must resort to wisdom and stop doomsday clock from ticking
  • Antonov: Russian army will destroy any Western military equipment delivered to Kiev regime
  • British government acknowledges the killing of two British mercenaries in Ukraine
  • Colombia rejects US proposal to supply Ukraine with Russian weapons, president
  • US journalist reveals Washington’s interest in pushing Germany to arm Ukraine with (Leopard) tanks
  • Volodin: Baltic states have lost their independence and have mortgaged their decisions to Brussels and Washington
  • Zakharova: South Africa’s position show failure of the West’s attempts to divide the world
  • Colombia rejects US proposal to supply Ukraine with Russian weapons
  • Donetsk: One person killed and 5 others wounded in Ukrainian bombing
  • Okamura: Aggravation of Ukrainian crisis only serves the US interests

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