Gunmen open fire on a police patrol and kill a policeman in Daraa

Daraa, SANA- A policeman was killed, two others were injured and contact with the head of the Police Department was lost in the city of Giza in Daraa province due to a machine gun attack carried out by unidentified persons.

“Three vehicle-mounted gunmen opened fire from their machine guns at a police patrol on Ghasem-Jiza road in the eastern countryside of Daraa, killing the policeman Amer Hamidush, and injuring two other policemen, while contact was lost. with the head of the Police Department,” Internal Ministry posted on Telegram.

Immediately, the ministry added, patrols from the different police units of Daraa went to the scene of the incident, where the body of the martyr and the wounded were transferred to Busra al-Sham Hospital.

Investigations are underway to arrest the attackers and learn the whereabouts of the officer, the ministry said.

Shaza Qreima

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