Upon directives of President al-Assad, Syrian-Russian live ammunition tactical drills

Damascus, SANA- Upon the directives of Commander- in- Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, President Bashar al-Assad ,and based on Syrian armed forces’ combat training program for this year, an Army combat formation has executed over several days ,in cooperation with the Russian forces operating in Syria, a live ammunition tactical exercise.

The tactical training was attended by Chief of General Staff, General. Abdul Karreem Ibrahim and Alexandr Shayko, Commander of Russian Forces Operating in Syria ,along with many Russian ad Syrian officers.

The tactical drill, by its nature, imitates real combat conditions in mountainous areas, rugged terrain and forests.

The Commander of the drills’ project gave a detailed explanation of the combat operations comprising work of the break-in detachments during the attack in mountains and forests.

At the end, General Ibrahim met with the field commanders and conveyed President al-Assad’s greetings and congratulation on the occasion of Tishreen Liberation War. And he conducted a comprehensive analysis for all program stages, hailing their high skills in achieving the intended targets of the project and providing them with his directives  to carry out mandated tasks.


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