Marking the 49th anniversary of Tishreen Liberation War, Syrian forces celebrate Syria’s immortal epic

Damascus, SANA- Gratitude was expressed tremendously on the 49th anniversary of Tishreen Liberation War with events and ceremonies.

The Syrian Arab Army with all its formations celebrated the anniversary of immortal epic of Tishreen Libaration War waged against the Zionist enemy.

The formations’ leaders delivered a speech on this occasion, asserting that the Syrian army, under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed forces, President Bashar al-Assad, will continue to provide peace and security for all Syrian people.

The speech was followed by military parades and a visit to cemeteries of Martyrs by officers, where wreaths were laid at the memorials on behalf of al-Assad.

The officers also visited the wounded in hospitals, wishing them swift recovery.

220-day Tishreen Liberation War, led by the Founding Leader Hafez al-Assad, was a historic milestone when the Syrian Arab Army busted the myth of the “invincible army”.

Kinda ALMahmoud / Baraa Ali



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