Moscow committed to international law in its special military operation

Washington,SANA- the Russian embassy in Washington affirmed the fake of US claims that Moscow holds interrogative camps for Ukrainian prisoners arrested in Donetsk republic.

Conflict observatory project supervised by US State Department, had lately published lies claiming that the Russian Army established more than 20 camps on Donetsk lands to interrogate and arrest Ukrainian citizens.

The US State Department continues to broadcast baseless news about camps allegedly set up by Russia in Lugansk as well as the involvement of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the destruction of educational, medical institutions and cultural facilities there.

This is another fake aimed at discrediting the Russian special military operation, Novosti agency quoted the embassy as saying in a statement.

The embassy said that Moscow committed strictly to international law standards and it is also work to rebuild the social facilities destroyed by brutal bombing of Kiev regime.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah /Mazen Eyon

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