One citizen injured by QSD fire in al-Nashwa al-Gharbyia neighborhood, Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA- A civilian was injured by fire of the QSD militia in al-Nashwa al-Gharbyia neighborhood in Hasaka City during protests against the militia, according to SANA reporter in the province.

Local sources told SANA reporter that the locals of al-Nashwa al-Gharbia neighborhood in Hasaka city took into the streets in protest against QSD militia’s suppressive practices and looting of the resources of the area, adding that the locals threw stones on one of the militia’s patrols and expelled it from the neighborhood.

The sources pointed out that QSD militia shot random fire to disperse the demonstrators, causing the injury of one citizen.

The militia brought in military reinforcement, encircled al-Nashwa al-Gharbia neighborhood and stormed the locals’ houses located in the main street and prevent the entry or exit of the vehicles from the neighborhood.

Hala Zain


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