Cuban Embassy in Damascus Celebrates 63rd Anniversary of founding Prensa Latina Agency

Damascus, SANA- The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Damascus has held a festivity on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of founding the Latin American News Agency (Prensa Latina).

Luis Enrique Gonzalez, President of the Prensa Latina News Agency, said in a speech delivered on the behalf of Cuban Ambassador in Damascus, Miguel Porto Barga, that the main objective of establishing the Agency on June 16, 1959 is to defend the Cuban revolution and to deliver the message of the peoples of Latin America, in addition to defending just causes of other peoples in the world.

He added that the agency has faced huge media campaigns, pressures and attacks on its journalists and correspondents, and attempts to hinder its work since its first day.

Gonzalez considered that the agency’s presence in Syria over the past period has been necessary to convey the truth of what is taking place in it, highlight its history and culture, and the heroic resilience of its people in the face the aggression and terrorism that their country has been subjected to.

He underlined the importance of cooperation with the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) as a direct source of news that shows the true face of the terrorist war which Syria has been subjected to.

In a speech at the festivity, the Cuban ambassador praised the work of Prensa Latina in Syria as it has contributed to revealing the truth of what is taking place there and highlighted the true solidarity with the world peoples and peace.

The Ambassador said that “Syria can always rely on Cuba to deliver a true image about the unjust war and siege which target the Syrian people.”

During the event, a film about the history of “Prensa Latina” and the services it currently provides was screened, as the agency depends on 40 correspondents on the five continents and publishes about 400 articles daily in several languages, in addition to twenty publications and several large-scale radio and television programs.

Syrian journalists Hisham Wannous and Fadi Maarouf were awarded the Felix Elmousa Award and the Dignity Prize by the Federation of Cuban Journalists in honor of their work and coverage over the past years that contributed greatly to conveying the reality of the war imposed on Syria to public opinion in the Spanish speaking countries, particularly in Latin America, through the Venezuelan Telesur channel and the Cuban Prensa Latina Agency.

Manar Salameh/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri





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