Al-Khatib: Strong infrastructure for digital transformation designed in Syria

Damascus, SANA- “Syrian Ministry of Communication managed to design and build strong infrastructure for the digital transformation in the country in education, health, economy and all other vital sectors in less than three years despite long terrorist war waged against it”, Iyad al-Khatib, minister of Communications and Technology said.

“The ministry has accomplished all the required procedures to present the third Mobile operator that will be ready before the end of 2022, providing the fifth generation services in Syria for the first time, the issue that creates an environment for using the Internet of Things (IoT) and processing the huge data resulted from the digital transformation safely “, al-Khatib said in a speech to the Ministerial round table of the International Telecommunication Forum being held in Geneva virtually.

The users increasingly depend on the electronic applications as the ministry set all the needs to regulate the applications market in Syria for safe environment free from viruses or electronic attacks, al-Khatib added, asserting that it worked for protecting the privacy of users’ data.

English Bulletin/ Mazen

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