Syria, Iran sign a memorandum of understanding on environmental protection

Damascus, SANA- Syria and Iran signed a memorandum of understanding on of environment protection, nature conservation and combating and limiting the phenomenon of sand and dust storms.

The memorandum, signed at the Ministry of Local Administration headquarters on Tuesday, stipulates conducting training and field visits to address the managing natural resources, soil deterioration, air pollution, countering sand and dust storms in both countries, and implementing the required measures to mitigate and monitor the resulting effects, costs of environmental deterioration and early warning systems.

Minister of Local Administration and Environment, Hussein Makhlouf noted that the memo contributes to promoting cooperation in the field of international seminars, conferences, meetings and exchanging experiences to counter emerging national and international environmental challenges and sand and dust storms.

Makhlouf indicated that a joint working group to be established to hold meetings, prepare the two-year work-plan to discuss the possibility of establishing and supporting institutions, enhancing the national environmental information system, implementing joint scientific programs and developing environmental projects.

Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran head of the Iranian Environmental Protection Organization Ali Salajka, stated that the environmental research denoted the environment deterioration coincides with the existence of the “enemy” nearby, and that encouraged Iran to prioritize enhancing region-scale and to set up integrated environmental cooperation.

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