Interior minister stresses need to combat crime

Damascus, SANA-Interior Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammad al-Shaar said Syria will continue to combat terrorism that regional and international countries are feeding.

During his meeting with the Criminal Security officers and members, the minister underlined the role of the Criminal Security department, under the current circumstances in Syria, in combating crime and bringing criminals to justice.

Israel is complicit in the war waged against Syria by its support for armed terrorist groups in the southern region, he added.

الشعار 2

He also stressed the importance of doubling efforts to deter those who seek to tamper with the homeland’s security.

As he emphasized the importance of enhancing national belonging and preserving the state’s prestige, the minister said that this can be done through combating crime and taking a firm line against those who are exploiting national economy.

Every single member of the Internal Security forces has a key role which, added the minister, is crucial for consolidating stability and national and economic security.
Manal Ismael

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