Premier al-Halqi: Kurds are integral part of Syrian society

Damascus, SANA-Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi said that the Kurds are a deeply-ingrained component of the Syrian society and Ayn al-Arab is part of Syria that is “dear to the hearts of all Syrians.”

Al-Halqi’s affirmation came during his meeting Thursday with a Kurdish delegation which comprised Kurdish figures.

Ayn al-Arab is a predominantly Kurdish city in northern Syria which was overrun by ISIS terrorists last year. The locals of the city have recently managed to push back ISIS terrorists after months-long battles.

Premier al-Halqi said the Syrian government “won’t cede a single inch of land,” making particular reference to the occupied Syrian Golan and Liwa Iskenderun.

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As he urged all to discard violence and spread amity, al-Halqi reiterated that a solution to the crisis is political “through national dialogue and consolidating national reconciliations,” indicating that dialogue will definitely be “under the homeland’s umbrella away from foreign dictates.”

The delegation members echoed the Premier’s comments, affirming that the Kurds are “an inseparable part of the Syrian society”, an affiliation they said they cherish most, pledging allegiance to the Syrian leadership and army.

Head of the National Reconciliation Committee at the People’s Assembly Omar Osi said the Syrian Kurds “will always be on the frontlines of the battle in defense of Syria.”

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