President Putin: Kyiv willingness to obtain nuclear weapon was dangerous challenge

Moscow, SANA-Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that his country will not allow Ukraine to be a basis that threatens security of Russia.

The president added at a government meeting on procedures of social and economic subsidies that the raw materials for biological weapons have been manufactured near “our borders, they are trying to remove all traces of biological programs.”

 The Nazi regime in Ukraine could obtain weapons of mass destruction for this reason we started our special military operation, Putin went on to say.

He affirmed that Kyiv willingness to obtain nuclear weapon was dangerous challenge.

Putin said “Before the operation, we have proposed that Kyiv would withdraw forces, abut they rejected.”

The President added that the West does not care about the victims who fall in Donbass, and it aims at turning Ukraine into an enemy state, and deal a blow to our national economy and target the interests of the Russian people, stressing that Russia will respond to his new package of sanctions against it.

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