Exams in al-Furat University branch in Hasaka continue to be suspended

Hasaka, SANA- Al-Furat University branch in Hasaka continues to suspend the semester exams in the university’s faculties in the city, along with US occupation forces-backed QSD militia continues its violations and seizure of the headquarters of the faculties of Economics and Civil Engineering, which were destroyed due to US occupation aircrafts’ shelling under the pretext of pursuing fugitives from the industrial secondary prison last month.

Director of the University’s branch, Dr. Jamal Abdullah, said in a statement to SANA reporter that the examination process at the faculties and institutes is still suspended as the QSD militia continues to seize the buildings of the university and turns them into military headquarters, which has large educational repercussions, as it threatens about 25 thousand students who are studying in 8 colleges and 4 institutes in Hasaka province.

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Abdullah al-Salmo, stressed that the QSD militia has not yet allowed the entry to the headquarters of the colleges, which have been exposed to great damage.

Al-Salmo pointed out that the government’s efforts are currently focused on restoring the headquarters, examining the damage, in addition to the militia’s exit from the headquarters of the Faculty of Agriculture, non-interfering in the educational affairs and finding alternative headquarters for those which are destroyed by the US occupation aircraft.

The people of Hasaka called for the necessity of all international organizations and agencies to intervene to restore university faculties and evacuate them from militants and stop their violations against the educational process.

The bombing of the US occupation aircraft has resulted in complete destruction of some university buildings belonging to al-Furat University branch in Hasaka.

Nisreen Othman / Hala Zain

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