A number of Daesh terrorists escape from al-Sina’a prison in Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA- A number of Daesh terrorists escaped from the Industrial High School Prison, which is controlled by QSD militia and US occupation forces in al-Hasaka city, while the state of disobedience, shooting and chaos continues in the prison.

SANA reporter stated that violent clashes continued from last night to this morning in the vicinity of the Industrial High School Prison, after an attack carried out by Daesh terrorists on the vicinity of the prison with two car bombs.

SANA reporter, quoting local sources, added that clashes are still continuing inside the prison and at its outskirts, around al-Basel roundabout and on the main road, after news of many of the escaped holed up in the buildings adjacent to the Industrial High School, and others were able to reach the outskirts of Ghweran and al-Zohour neighborhoods.

The sources pointed out that QSD militia was unable to control the prison and its surroundings, despite aerial support of the US occupation air forces.

In addition, QSD militia imposed a curfew on the people in the neighborhoods of Gweran and al-Zohour, amid the militia’s unprecedented alert in the vicinity of the prison and within the neighborhoods in coordination with the US occupation forces.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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