Al-Shebel : Embargo is war against Syria, breaking it is one of defensive means for Syrian state

Moscow, SANA- Special Advisor at the Republic Presidency, Luna al-Shebel, said on Tuesday that the economic embargo against Syria is a war and breaking it is one of the defensive means for the Syrian State to confront this war.

“The coercive Western economic embargo against Syria aims to paralyze the economy and target the citizens’ livelihood,” al-Shebel said in an interview with Russia Today Channel, stressing that the Syrian State exerts efforts to break this embargo as it managed to achieve this target through adopting many methods and securing the basic needs of citizens.

She added that the coercive unilateral measures imposed on the Syrian people and state is a war, and it was expected that the Western states, which backed the terrorists and launched a war on Syria, would fail in achieving their targets and move to the economic situation, so they resorted to the sanctions and it is a war and “breaking embargo is one of the defensive means against this war”.

As for the Russian economic support for Syria , al-Shebel said that it is normal for Syria to request the utmost possible assistance form the Russian ally, which in turn, has offered and still offer what it can, whether during the war or now regarding the economic situation.

“The Russian role has been effective in removing or easing the suffering from the Syrian people, whether through direct support or through trade exchange between both countries,” al-Shebel added.

Regarding the Syrian-Iranian relations, al-Shebel affirmed that they are historic and deeply-rooted that existed since four decades.

“Those relations depend on mutual respect, common interests, and the principle of non-intervention in the affairs of others… Iran also has stood by Arab rights, on top, the Palestinian cause,” she said.

Al-Shebel went on to say that “Israel” is an occupying entity throughout history and it has supported terrorism in Syria and contributed to the war against it, in reference to the repeated Israeli aggressions on Syrian lands.

As for Syria’s return to the Arab League and its participation in the upcoming Algeria summit, al-Shebel said that Syria’s membership at this League was suspended by a wrong decision in contradiction with the League’s rules, and when they reconsider this mistake, Syria will  automatically return and participate in the summit.

Baraa Ali / MHD Ibrahim/Mazen Eyon

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