“Syrian women defy crisis” Exhibition inaugurated in Damascus

Damascus, SANA-An exhibition on the traditional, handicraft and homemade industries was opened Thursday at Kahn Asaad Basha in Damascus with the participation of activities and bodies concerned in domestic economy.

The exhibition, titled “Syrian women defy the crisis”, was held by the businesswomen committee at the Syrian Exporters’ Federation.


Samer Khalil, Director of the International markets and Exhibitions’ Establishment, underlined the importance of this exhibition in light of the current crisis, saying that the Syrian product, particularly the handmade, has a glorious industrial value because it is made with high accuracy and professionally.

He affirmed that Economy and Foreign Trade Ministry has a genuine approach to help women market their products abroad to provide the Syrian economy with more foreign currency.

For his part, Ghassan Eid, Advisor to Economy Minister said the exhibition was held to avail the opportunity in front of the citizens to see the traditional and handmade industries and study the possibility of exporting these industries to outside the country.

Mazen Eyon


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