Workshop with UNICEF on protecting children against unexploded ordnance

Damascus, SANA – Education Ministry and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) held a workshop on Sunday to discuss Syria’s national strategy to increase awareness of the dangers of unexploded ordnance of the terrorist war raging in the country.

The workshop mainly discusses means of building the capabilities of societies in the field of protection against unexploded ordnance and updating mechanisms to improve awareness-raising programs.

New patterns, Minister Hazwan al-Waz said, have been adopted to be followed in the course of the educational process to adapt to the arising requirements due to the current situation.

The major focus of these patterns, he added, is physically protecting children against unexploded ordnance, including ammunition, explosives, bombs and mines, which could be left behind after the war is over or in the areas announced secure after terrorists were expelled.

The UNICEF Resident Representative in Syria Hana Singer said the children’s safety and security have been “critically” affected due to the crisis in Syria, where terrorist organizations have spread and committed horrible acts of criminality in various areas.

This matter, she added, requires protecting children and raising their level of awareness of how they can protect themselves against unexploded ordnance.

Singer hailed “the great and constant efforts” which the Education Ministry has put to the effect of achieving the goal of protecting children in this regard, noting that the UNICEF has been a partner to the Ministry in these efforts.

Providing an insight into these efforts, the UNICEF representative said they started with including an awareness-raising subject on unexploded ordnance in the curriculum and developing a training program on the issue that will include 50 main trainers, 800 teachers and 270, 000 students.

Haifa Said

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