Turkish occupation mercenaries suffer casualties in infighting, Raqqa countryside

Raqqa, SANA-A number of Turkish occupation mercenaries were killed and others were injured after the eruption of infighting among them in the vicinity of Tal Fender village in Tal Abyad area, Raqqa northern countryside.

Mercenaries of the so-called “al-Majd Brigades” have targeted with machine guns and shells a number of vehicles affiliated with the so-called “military police” that is linked to the Turkish occupation in the vicinity of Tal Fender village, local sources told SANA reporter, adding that both sides suffered casualties, and several cars were damaged.  

These clashes, with medium and light weapons, were due to a dispute among terrorists to control the smuggling routes with the Turkish territory, and that caused a state of fear and panic among the locals, the sources reported.

The infighting among Turkish occupation-backed terrorist groups has been continued in most of the areas which they occupy and this has resulted in casualties among them, in addition to the martyrdom and injury of several civilians and material damage to the private and public properties

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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