Locals of Eastern Ghouta: Terrorists prevent families from leaving

Damascus Countryside, SANA – The Syrian army on Thursday received a batch of families who fled areas under the control of the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta, relocating them to safe areas.

The families, comprising 160 persons, were moved to safe areas in Qudsayyah and provided with food and health aid.

The families expressed gratitude for the army which they said is “the protector of the homeland”, adding that the terrorists have prevented them from leaving the area and demolished their houses.

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Haggard and fatigued, one of the evacuated women narrates a story of agony after days spent at the mercy of terrorists. “Terrorists demolished our houses, and left us stranded and helpless…prey to death and hunger.”

A second woman with facial features starting to relax speaks of profound relief after the army stepped in to secure the families. “Terrorists took over our houses and treated us ill until the army arrived and gave us food and aid,” she says.

They said that many of them had tried repeatedly to leave these areas but the terrorists opened fire on them and prevented them from reaching their destinations.

Terrorist organizations including “Islam Army” and “Al-Ummah Army (Jaish al-Ummah)” are active in the farms and villages in Eastern Ghouta.

Mohammad Nassr/Manal Ismael

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