Deadline granted by Syrian Army to terrorists to leave Daraa al-Balad extended

Daraa, SANA-  On Wednesday evening, the 24-hour deadline granted by the Syrian Arab Army to terrorists numbering about 100 who refused the settlement, to leave Daraa al-Balad to the Syrian north and hand over arms to the state, has been extended without any of them leaving in a new indication that the terrorists have been thwarting all the state’s efforts to settle the situation without resorting to military action.

SANA’s reporter in Daraa stated that the terrorists tried on Tuesday to delude the public opinion that they are implementing the exit agreement by the exit of the first batch of them, but the eight people who left are not among the wanted, according to field sources.

Meanwhile, the army units brought military reinforcements to end the terrorists’ control over the neighborhood, but field sources confirmed that priority is given for a peaceful solution that spares civilians the dangers of military action, but any solution must be by ending the terrorists’ control and expelling them from the neighborhood to northern Syria and deploying military points inside it, as well as the return of all state institutions to it.

Earlier, the army units had opened al-Saraya corridor for civilians wishing to leave the areas under the control of terrorists towards Daraa al-Mahata, and the state had prepared a makeshift housing center with various basic supplies and materials to receive them.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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