Demonstrations in protest against QSD militia practices in Hasaka city and its southern countryside

Hasaka, SANA-Locals of al-Nashwa neighborhood in Hasaka city and a number of villages in its southern countryside demonstrated in protest against the US occupation forces-backed QSD militia practices, burning tires and cutting the roads.

SANA reporter, quoting local sources as saying that the locals took into streets on Tuesday morning, in al-Nashwa neighborhood near al-Sharia roundabout in Hasaka city, in protest against the practices of QSD militia and tightening the noose on the locals and plundering of the Syrian national resources.

The sources in Hasaka southern countryside reported that the locals of al-Arishah, Qana, al-Hadajah, al-Rashidiyya, and al-Haddadiyah villages demonstrated to demand the US occupation forces-backed QSD militia to leave their areas and stop the crimes of its gunmen against the locals and abductions of young men to forcibly recruit them in its ranks.

The sources pointed out that “the locals also burned tires and cut off a number of sub-roads, in addition to blocking the highway in al-Arishah, linking between al-Hasaka and al-Shaddadi.”

Nisreen Othman / Hala Zain

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