Participants in French-Syrian Friendship Association: What Syria is witnessing is a mini world war

Paris, SANA- The participants in the French-Syrian Friendship Association on Wednesday condemned the western sanctions imposed on Syria, asserting that the terrorist war Syria is witnessing is similar to a mini world war due to an international conflict, and that the Syrian state has faced this terrorism.

The participants in the Symposium, which was held via the Zoom application, encompassed about 120 political and intellectual figures on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the terrorist war on Syria, pointed out that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) played a very dangerous role in that war, asserting that Syria is a victim of an organized Western military campaign, a systematic media campaign, and an unfair economic blockade.

Eric Denece, director of the French Center for Research on Intelligence said that we have witnessed in Syria a mini-world war, or even longer than the two world wars, asserting that Syria is being exposed for hostility from all its neighbors but it withstood in the face of this war.

The participants also stressed that Russia works for playing a good role in solving the crisis in Syria through enhancing work with the partners and intensifying communications with the countries of the region.

They criticized the French role in Syria, asserting that Paris has lost the credibility, ethics and principles on which the French Revolution has been built on, through supporting the armed terrorist organizations.

They called on France to reopen the Syrian Embassy in Paris.

Hala Zain

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