Al Saud Security forces kill 4 civilians in eastern region

Riyadh, SANA, Ruling Al Saud security forces killed four citizens in al-Awamiya village in the kingdom’s eastern region, as another step in its suppressive and discrimination policy against the Saudi civilians in various regions.

Al-Awamiya, a village that has been the focal point of unrest since mass protests in early 2011 calling for an end to discrimination and for democratic reforms in the monarchy.

Popular sources in eastern region told NahrainNet news that security forces stormed citizens’ houses in the village early on Saturday and arrested a number of people.

The sources said that Saudi security forces brought reinforcement into al-Qatif province and seized the region to prevent demonstrations and protests.

According to the sources Saudi security forces used armoured bulldozers to sweep away dozens of hectares of the grooves in the village under the pretext that these grooves protect the oppositionists and arms smugglers.

Saudi authorities arrested the 55-year old Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in June 2012 by force, causing him serious injuries and issued a death sentence penalty against him  which caused wide protests in the region.

The eastern region of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a wide popular protest against the Saudi regime’s discrimination and suppressive measures against their region. The protests were ignited by the arrest of Sheikh Nimr.

Two weeks ago, Saudi authorities arrested 135 persons in al-Awamiya village.
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