Three civilians martyred, others injured in car bomb blast in Ras al-Ayn City  

Hasaka, SANA- At least three civilians were martyred, and others were injured in the explosion of a car bomb in Ras al-Ayn City in Hasaka northwestern countryside where terrorist groups affiliated with the Turkish regime spread.

SANA reporter in Hasaka quoted local sources as saying that an explosive device placed underneath a van car went off on Thursday at the intersection of the main street with the Farrouj market in Ras al-Ain city, which led to the martyrdom of three civilians, and the injury of others, in addition to the burning of the car, and material damage to the locals’ properties.

The areas where Turkish regime-backed terrorist groups spread in Hasaka countryside have been witnessing bombings and infight among the terrorist groups as dozens of civilians have been martyred or injured and others have been displaced from their villages, towns and agricultural lands which have been plundered by the terrorists.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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