Information minister: Syria’s steadfastness undiminished by aggression

Damascus, SANA-Syria has been subject to an aggression that targets its very existence and seeks to obliterate it with all its aspirations, goals, convictions and principles, said Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi.

The minister’s comments came during a graduation ceremony held for journalism graduates that saw excellent students honored at Damascus University.

But, the minister went on to say, Syria has been holding its ground, unfazed by the enormity of the aggression, attributing this unique steadfastness to the will of the Syrian people and the Syrian army’s exemplary valor.


As he affirmed the necessity of dialogue as en exit route that has been promoted by the Syrian government since day one of the crisis, the minister said that dialogue “should not come at Syria’s expense.”

“Syria towers above all persons, parties and political regimes, and martyrs have been sacrificing themselves for its sake,” al-Zoubi added.

He stressed that issues of national sovereignty and territorial integrity in Syria can never be comprised, indicating that popular will in choosing the form of leadership in the democratic sense  of the word “is not a matter for discussion with anyone.”

In a speech during the ceremony, Minister of Higher Education Mohammad Amer al-Mardini underlined the role of the Faculty of Journalism in preparing journalists who master the skills needed for success in the profession.


He elaborated on the importance of media in international conflicts. “Those who have media can sway public opinion,” the minister noted.

Manal Ismael

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