Al-Jaafari: Western states continue to use OPCW as a weapon in war against Syria to serve their agendas

New York, SANA – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari reiterated that Western states continue to use the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the so-called the “chemical file” as a weapon in the war imposed on Syria, a tool for putting pressure and political blackmail to serve the agendas of these states in Syria and the region.

 During a UN Security Council session via video on “the Situation in Syria” on Wednesday, al-Jaafari said that “Syria has joined agreement of OPCW in 2013 and engaged in serious and constructive cooperation with the UN relevant mechanisms and OPCW and its Technical Secretariat ,which has resulted in helping Syria to get rid of its chemical stockpile, substances and production facilities, so Syria has no longer possessed any chemical weapons and substances or the production facilities since 2014.

He added that this fact was approved in a briefing presented by the Special Coordinator for the OPCW-UN Joint Mission Sigrid Kaag, to the Security Council in June 2014, which was also reaffirmed by the UN and OPCW reports.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that some western states preferred to deny this fixed truth and believed that serving their agendas regarding Syria and the region necessitates to use the OPCW and the so-called the “chemical file “as a weapon in the war imposed on Syria and a tool to practice pressure and political blackmail, asserting that those countries have never been satisfied with their previous crimes and lies, whose features were uncovered to the whole world.

Those countries’ fabricated allegations aim at justifying direct military aggression and serious violations of the international law and the UN Charter and to spread death and destruction, as the same countries have used the same policies during the US-British invasion on Iraq, as well as when the NATO destroyed Libya, al-Jaafari went on saying.

Al-Jaafari said that this have resulted in politicizing the so-called “chemical file” and moving the OPCW forward to issue reports that lack the minimum standards of credibility, professionalism and objectivity as these reports were prepared without visiting the sites of the alleged incidents and they were built on speculations and uncertain assumptions which have based upon what is called “open sources” and on what was offered by the terrorist groups and their media arms of the so-called the “White Helmets” terrorist organization and their sponsors of allegations, fabricated evidence and false witnesses.

Al-Jaafari renewed Syria’s condemnation of the West’s attempts and pressures to pass the French-Western draft resolution in the Conference of the States Parties (COSP) which allegedly claims what they called “Syria’s non-compliance” with its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), asserting that this project or any similar movement is a politicized act of hostility which aims at accusing Syria with using chemical weapons and to absolve the terrorists who have repeatedly launched terrorist acts and to prepare, under the orders of their sponsors, for the plays of using chemical weapons to accuse Syria and find pretexts to launch attacks on it similar to the US aggression on al-Sha’irat Airbase in April, 7, 2017.

Hayba Sleiman/ Hala Zain


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