” Delicate Paintbrush” … Art exhibition for 13 female artists held at Culture Center of Kafarsouseh

Damascus, SANA- Thirteen female plastic artists presented their perceptions of the woman and her psychological status in both an abstract and realistic manner during a collective exhibition held at the Cultural Center of Kfarsouseh in Damascus under the title ” Delicate Paintbrush.”

Plastic artist, Najwa al-Sharif, organizer of the exhibition told SANA that the participants in the exhibition sought to speak through their paintings about the condition of women in ways and methods bearing the imprint of each one of them, indicating that she participated with paintings that reflect the status of the mother and the thinker in different and varied ways.

For her part, plastic artist, Samah Zarzour attended through impressionistic, realistic and surrealist paintings, in addition to a painting that she carried out with oil and acrylic techniques.

She said that she depends on her own talent in drawing, developing herself with the help of the expertise of professional plastic artists.

Banan al-Omari also participated with three paintings about the female in an abstract style, showing the woman as a tree that symbolizes life and a friendly figure.

Nisreen Othman/ Mazen Eyon

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