Encyclopedia of “peoples and cultures of the world” … a new Syrian knowledge achievement

Damascus, SANA –Editing of encyclopedic books is a unique state of knowledge in our present time because it requires great effort and time as well as the burden of writing and preparing them falls on the shoulders of institutions and work teams more than individuals.

Encyclopedia of “People and Cultures of the World,” by Researcher, Dr. Hussam Ghazi, comes within that framework as a scientific achievement because it was published when the Syrian culture suffers, like many other sectors, the impacts of terrorist war and the unjust economic blockade.

Dr. Ghazi told SANA that his comprehensive encyclopedia is the first of its kind which contains abundant information, 70 percent of which is not found in the Arabic language, adding that he sought to write it with a neutral point of view and in a scientific spirit that he drew from different, documented references in French, Spanish and German languages.

The Encyclopedia took ten years to be composed, according to Dr. Ghazi, and it covers nearly two million years since the first stone age to the First World War.

Its documentary materials and its historical sources and references have been prepared in cooperation with Syrian and European universities, including the University of Damascus and the first and third Bordeaux universities and Toulouse II, Paris I and Tenth of France, Basel of Switzerland, German Colin, and Liege of Belgium, the researcher added.

Researcher Hussam Ghazi was born in 1981, a professor of archeology at Damascus University, who holds a doctorate degree from Bordeaux University of Science and Technology in France, supervisor of many courses at the undergraduate and masters level.

Manar Salameh/ Mazen Eyon

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