Citizens of Hasaka, Qamishli rally in protest against QSD violations, criminal siege on residential neighborhoods

Hasaka, SANA- Locals of Hasaka and Qamishli cities have rallied in protest against violations of the US occupation-backed QSD militia and the continued criminal siege which it imposes on the residential neighborhoods, in addition to preventing the entrance of foodstuffs, disrupting the traffic and preventing the students from reaching their schools.

The reporter added that QSD militants opened fire on the participants in the protests in Hasaka City to disperse them.

The participants raised banners in condemnation of the siege imposed by QSD militia in the framework of its continued daily violations against the locals in implementation of the orders of the US occupation and serving its agendas in the region and looting the Syrian resources.

SANA reporter in Hasaka said the QSD militia opened random fire against the protesters in an attempt to disperse them, as well as they attacked the cameraman of the Syrian Satellite Channel in Qamishli after they attempted to kidnapped him.

Sheikh Hasnawei al-Jaddoua told SANA in a statement that the protests of the locals come in respond to the unfair siege imposed by QSD militia against the locals in the central city of Hasaka and against the two Turkish and US occupations, calling upon the members of the Arab clans and all spectrums of the people of Hasaka province to face this militia which tries to carry out the agenda of its supporters to continue the looting of the resources of the homeland.

For their part, the participants expressed full rejection of all these violations that serve the agendas of the US occupation and aim at starving the people of Hasaka and depriving them from all the potentials of life.

US occupation-backed QSD militia continues its criminal siege on the city center of Hasaka for the fourteenth day in a row, preventing the entry of vehicles, means of transportation, food supplies, water tanks and other basic needs of the people.

From Hasaka Stand 

From Qamishli Stand 

Ruaa-al-Jazaeri, Manar Salameh, Hala Zain

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