Engineer from Lattakia excel at industry of ships’ models

Lattakia, SANA – “Work is best way to enjoy life,” Rashid Dalati, and engineer from Lattakia province said,  adding that he is fond of his work and hoppy of making models to ships and steamboats with high technical accuracy, taking into consideration the simplest details  .

“I started work in the sea in 1975, then continued my study in the universities of Batumi, Georgia, and Odessa in Ukraine, where I obtained a degree of chief engineer,” Dalati told SANA.

He started his hoppy in ornamental ships industry in 1970 when he was only 15 , noting that he saw someone from Arwad island making ships, watched him and tried  to imitate him in manufacturing small ships, for this reason  it was his first model made then developed himself through working in the sea.

The phases are being done by using simple tools such as saw, hammer, bobbin, adhesives, screws, loose anchors, strings, rods and hand carved wood.

Hybah/ Mazen

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