UNSC calls for immediate investigation into Israel’s killing Palestinian Minister

New York, SANA, The UN Security Council (UNSC) called for an immediate and transparent investigation into the killing of the Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ain, after the Israeli troops attacked him in the West Bank.
On Wednesday, Israeli occupation authorities killed the Palestinian Minister during an event for planting olive trees in Turmusiy, the West Bank, on the occasion of Human Rights Day where the Israeli forces beat Abu Ein with the butts of their rifles and their helmets.
Palestinian WAFA News Agency quoted Palestine’s Permanent Observer to the United Nation, Ambassador Riyad Mansour as saying on Saturday ..the UNSC issued a statement expressing deep sorrow over the death of Minister Abu Ain and delivering condolences to the Palestinian people.
G77 plus China headed by Bolivia sent a letter to the UNSC and the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, stressing that Martyr Abu Ain was leading a peaceful protest on Human Rights Day and he died after he was attacked by the Israeli soldiers.
Iran also has sent a letter on behalf of Non-Aligned Movement to the UNSC and the UN Secretary-General, expressing condolences to the Palestinian people and holding the Israeli authorities responsible for the crime.
r. Milhem/ Ghossoun

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