Cabinet adopts Agriculture Ministry’s plan on improving situation of delivering cotton crop

Damascus, SANA- Cabinet adopted the Agriculture Ministry’s plan that stipulates to improve the situation of delivering the cotton crop in the upcoming season and asserted the importance of offering all needed incentives to restore cultivating cotton in the areas liberated from terrorism.

During its weekly session chaired by Premier Hussein Arnous, the Cabinet was briefed with the situation of wheat crop for the year 2020-2021, as there was an assertion on the importance of continuous follow up on with the farmers’ requirements and putting a marketing plan to ensure receiving all the crop from them.

It also approved on completing the contract procedures related to establishing Photoelectric generating station with a capacity of 33 MW in the Industrial Area in Aleppo.

The Higher Education Ministry was assigned to study the requirements of reopening the Veterinary Medicine Department in Aleppo University due to the urgent need for this specialization in the eastern provinces.

The Cabinet demanded the Finance Ministry to improve the reality of ATMs in Aleppo province and approved the completion of carrying out the fixing works to the damages in the Hotel intermediate school in the city.

It also took many decisions to adopt some service investment and production projects.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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