Craftswoman Yasmine Houssamo … specialized in making copper plates and decorations

Tartous , SANA- Craftswoman, Yasmine Houssamo, seeks to make her own artistic imprint in pressing copper and making copper paintings and decorations by giving the name Abaq ( fragrant) to her works, adding that copper, as a masterpiece that overflows with fragrant beauty, reflects originality and history.

Hussamou holds a BA in Geosciences from Damascus University and she was born in the village of Ba’amrah in Safita countryside.

She indicated in an interview with SANA that “copper is an attractive metal, as far as the precision and fatigue we give it, the product of which is of high value in addition to being an ancient industry in our country.”

Houssamou is attracted to handicrafts that show the ingenuity of the hands and their ability to make and shape, saying that she finds herself more willing to deal with copper than painting, as it is colored in different degrees through aging.

Her works varied between paintings, decorations, and copper portraits of famous figures , in addition to Arabic calligraphy paintings. Hiussamou pointed out that she worked on applying copper with natural aged wood and linked her paintings to the presence of women as a source of love and beauty to show that clearly in her works.



Shaza al Ashkar/ Mazen Eyon

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