General Union of Craftsmen inaugurates Dummar central incubator for craft arts

Damascus, SANA- Dummar central incubator for traditional arts of the General Union of Craftsmen was opened on Tuesday on an area of 13 dunums as an integrated productive development project with the aim of preserving the traditional crafts from extinction and training current generations through carefully selected “Sheikhs of Al-Kar” which means the masters of the profession in order to graduate a generation of skilled craftsmen.

Chairman of the General Union of Craftsmen, Naji al-Hadwa, affirmed that the establishment and publicity of the incubator on the land of Glass Factory in Dummar aims to qualify, train and graduate technical craft cadres, industrialize craft products and find internal and external markets for them, indicating that the incubator is the first experience in Syria.

The executive director of the incubator, Louay Shako, told SANA that the incubator is a gathering of the sheikhs of Al-Kar of traditional handicrafts whose mission is to educate and graduate craftsmen and refine the talents of Syrian youth to ensure the continuation and preservation of the Syrian cultural heritage for future generations and to achieve integration of small industries.

Nisreen Othman/ Mazen Eyon

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