Mizentsev: Russia has allocated more than one billion USD for the rehabilitation of electrical networks and industries in Syria

Damascus, SANA-Mikhail Mezentsev, head of the Russian-Syrian Coordination Center for the Return of Refugees, announced that Russia has allocated more than one billion dollar for the reconstruction of electrical networks, industries and other humanitarian purposes in Syria.

“The Russian ministries cooperate in projects in a number of important fields such as education, medicine, investment of natural resources, housing construction, trade, economy and scientific and technical cooperation,” Mezentsev said during the international conference on the return of Syrian refugees, held at the Conference Palace in Damascus on Wednesday.

He added that the representatives of Russia and Syria will sign, on the sidelines of the conference, eight memorandums of cooperation between the two sides in the fields of energy, customs’ union and educational activities.”

Manar/ Bushra/ Mazen

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