Renovation of main irrigation channel in Hama southern countryside to irrigate more than 7 thousand hectares

Hama, SANA-The Directorate of Water Resources in Hama started the renovation and maintenance of the main irrigation channel which irrigates more than 7 thousand hectares of agriculture lands in Hama southern countryside which had been sabotaged at the hands of terrorist groups to put it into service and invest it in the coming period.

In a statement to SANA reporter, Head of the Water Resources Directorate in Hama Engineer Fadi Abbas said that this cannel provides water for huge areas of agriculture lands and fields which extend between al-Rastan in Homs northern countryside and the villages of Hama southern countryside.

Abbas added that the channel drags water from Qattinah lake through the main irrigation network in Homs, and the maintenance of the main channels is currently underway, adding that another project is expected to be launched to repair and renovate the sub channels of the network during the coming period.

Abbas underlined the importance of this project in bringing the agriculture reality in the region to its normal status, and pushing the wheel of production again in a way that will be reflected positively not only on the farmers, but also on various economic and social sectors in Hama and Homs provinces.

He added that the project will have a great developmental effect on supporting the agricultural production, calling on the local councils in all administrative units through which the channel passes to take all necessary measures and procedures to preserve and protect it.

A number of peasants from the villages and towns which this channel irrigates, affirmed that before being sabotaged at the hands of terrorists, the channel had been an important source for producing strategic crops in the region such as cotton, chard and various types of vegetables.

The project of renovating the main channel in Hama southern countryside aims to improve the agriculture, economic and social status of the region, in addition to cultivating the wastelands which have been damaged at the hands of terrorists to become productive again in a way that would be reflected positively on the farmers and the region.

Najwa al-Ali / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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